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Waxed finish seahorse on polished wooden mount

All carvings are original and this carving has now been sold. Please use the Contact Us link to request a similar carving.

  • Height: 16 cm
  • Width:    6 cm

Waxed carvings are carved by hand from natural hard wood and carefully waxed and polished to a smooth sheen.

Seahorses range in size from 0.6 to 14 inches. They are named for their equine appearance. Although they are bony fish, they do not have scales but rather thin skin stretched over a series of bony plates, which are arranged in rings throughout their body. Each species has a distinct number of rings. Seahorses swim upright, another characteristic that is not shared by their close pipefish relatives, who swim horizontally. Unusual among fish, seahorses have a flexible, well-defined neck. They also sport a coronet on the head, which is distinct for each individual.



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