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Upright stoat on carved wooden base

All carvings are original and this carving has now been sold. Please use the Contact Us link to request a similar carving.

  • Height: 22 cm
  • Width:  21 cm

Each painted piece is carved by hand. A pyrograph tool is then used to give texture to feathers. Finally the piece is carefully painted with acrylic watercolour.

The stoat occurs throughout Britain and Ireland, living in any habitat at any altitude with sufficient ground cover and food. It has a long slender body with short legs and a medium-short tail always with a black tip. Its fur is reddish brown to ginger above, white to cream below. Some animals turn white or partially white in winter (known as 'ermine'). Stoats don't like to be out in the open and so tend to hunt along ditches, hedgerows and walls or through meadows and marshes. They search each likely area systematically, often running in a zig-zag pattern. 



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